Filters for fluorescence analytics


LOT-QD offers a great variety of filters, beam splitters and customized filter sets for fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy. We offer standard filters of the “D” series, steep edge filters of the “HQ” series, steep edge plus high transmission (>95%) filters of the “ET” series. For Raman spectroscopy applications we offer dielectric and holographic Notch filters. Long wave pass, short wave pass Raman edge filters are available as standard, low ripple and ultra steep low ripple versions. All these filters have a rising edge of only a few nm in width.


All filters feature excellent blocking (OD > 5.0) and high transmission/reflection at the same time. For imaging applications, we provide “Image Quality” filters with superior flatness, wedge and coating characteristics.



Dielectric Notch Filters


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Dielectric Notch Filters

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Modified Magnetron ET Filter Sets

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