Nanoindenter NanoTest™ Vantage


A comprehensive nanoindentation platform to characterize mechanical properties


Nanoindentation is the standard method to characterize mechanical properties like nano-hardness and elastic modulus of thin films and wear-protecting coatings.


For 20 years, the nanoindenter NanoTest by MicroMaterials has been an established system in the nano indentation community. It features a vast number of testing procedures and variations of the ambient conditions, under which nanomechanical nanoindentation experiments as well as nano-scratch, nano-impact and nano-fretting tests can be performed.


  • Measurement of hardness, modulus and viscoelastic behavior of solids and thin films by micro and nano indentation technique.
  • Investigation of hardness and modulus vs depths
  • Map mechanical properties across an area of interst
  • Quasi-static and dynamic testing


The NanoTest Vantage nanoindenter system is a universal platform for different methods to characterize the mechanical properties of surfaces and thin films. The modularity of the system allows both the combination of all the measurement modules and customizing the system to specific applications.

The base frame made of rigid ceramic together with new, high-resolution electronics, provides even more precise measurements with highest load and displacement resolutions at lowest drift rates. High precision measurements can now be performed even faster than before.


Two loading heads (alternatively or in combination) allow nano and micro hardness testings. The special pendulum design provides full modularity and excellent performance, both fully ISO 14577 and ASTM 2546 compliant. The nanoindenter NanoTest has the lowest drift rate of all instruments in the market, both at room and elevated temperature. This allows the application of a wide range of loading rates during the measurements.


The NanoTest nanoindenter includes and supports the following methods and applications:


Nano-impact and fatigue


  • Investigation of fracture and failure behavior
  • Measurement of material damping coefficient
  • Investigation of high strain rate behavior



Nano-scratch and wear


  • Assessing critical scratch loads and friction properties
  • Investigation of cycles to failure for wear prediction





  • Accelerated reciprocating wear tests
  • Low-contact pressures to allow high-cycle investigations (up to 1 million cycles)


Controlled environmental conditions to assess true ‘in-service’ properties


  • High-temperature nanoindentation, nano-scratch and nano-impact to 750°C
  • Low-temperature nanoindentation and nano-scratch to -30°C
  • Nanoindentation and scratch tests with probe immersed in liquid
  • Nanoindentation tests at reduced oxygen / purged conditions
  • Nanoindentation tests at controlled humidity levels



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NanoTest Vantage brochure


Module and options



Nano-Scratch & Wear

MicroTest 20N high load head

Liquid Cell

Nano-Impact & fatigue


High Temperature Module

2D & 3D Imaging

Humidity Cell


Application notes


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NanoTest Vantage, next generation nanomechanical testing of POLYMER MATERIALS

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