1st Quantum Design MPMS®3 Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) Workshop


Diamond Light Source (Room G53), Oxford



Organised in conjunction with Diamond Light Source


LOT invite you to our Quantum Design MPMS3 Magnetic Property Measurement System Workshop which is being held at Diamond Light Source, Oxford on Tuesday 10th June 2014.


Quantum Design's MPMS 3 represents the culmination of more than 30 years of development and design in the world of SQUID Magnetometry. Providing users with the sensitivity of a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer and the choice of multiple measurement modes, the MPMS 3 offers new levels of performance in magnetic research while including those aspects of past Quantum Design SQUID magnetometers that customers have grown to appreciate and depend on.


The MPMS 3 incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic field control with ≤10-8 emu sensitivity. The award- winning design of Quantum Design's MPMS 3 also provides expanded software functionality within its user-friendly MultiVu interface. Combining the highest level of system performance with the possibility of using all previously available MPMS measurement options, the Quantum Design MPMS 3 truly represents the next generation of advanced SQUID magnetometry.


MPMS 3 Features

  • Cryogen Free with EverCool®
  • SQUID Sensitivity
  • Multiple Measurement Modes
    (Including Traditional MPMS DC Scan)
  • Temperature Range: 1.8 - 400K
  • 7 Tesla Magnet




MPMS Workshop Agenda



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PPMS - Physical Property Measurement


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